Studio Policies / Tuition Policies

  1. CMC tuition can be paid by cash or checks made out to “Creative Movement Center”. Tuition payments should be placed in the TUITION BOX in the lobby of CMC.
  2. Tuition is due on the 1st of the month and is late after the 10th of the month.
  3. A $5.00 late fee will be charged to your account every week tuition is late after the 10th.
  4. For your convenience, you may pay the entire year’s tuition by September 8, 2015 and will receive 5% off the total season’s tuition.
  5. CMC offers a $10 discount off the total monthly tuition for any families with more than one sibling taking class at CMC.
  6. A $20/ student or $25/ family registration fee is due at the time of registration.
  7. Dance tuition is divided into 9 equal installments. The “monthly tuition” is not based on the number of classes that month; it merely represents one-ninth of the season's tuition.
  8. First & Last month’s tuition is due at the time of registration. If you do not finish out the dance year at CMC, we will refund 50% of the last month’s tuition.

Please contact our Director with any questions regarding tuition at


If we cancel class:
CMC does not necessarily cancel classes with the Brecksville/Broadview Heights school district. Often the roads are clear and safe in time for our afternoon and evening classes.  
If CMC cancels class due to snow or emergency, we will schedule a make up classes 2 weeks in advance.

  • CMC will notify you of a cancelled class via email at least 2 hours before class time.

If you miss a class: (we hope you never do!)
If a student misses class for any reason, it is their responsibility to contact their instructor. CMC instructors will recommend another class day/time to make up the class. Students should make up the class within 1 month of missing class, in order to learn the technique objective for the month.

Please contact our Director with any questions regarding our cancellation policy at


Our goal is to provide guidelines to ensure that our students and families have the best possible education and experience in a safe and happy space!

CMC Dancers respect themselves & others…

  1. Dancers show respect to themselves by trying their best in class.
  2. Dancers show respect to their classmates by using only kind words, cheering each other on, and sharing the positive CMC attitude.
  3. Dancers show respect to their instructor by following the classroom rules & by practicing their “CMC Move(s) of the Month”
  4. Dancers show respect to their studio by only bringing water into the dance room, remembering to spit out chewing gum before class, throwing away or recycling all food and beverages when finished.

CMC families are the best…

We could not do it without you, our fantastic CMC families.
We hope that you keep bringing your child to class on time and ready for dancing fun! We hope that you will help remind our dancers to practice their “Move(s) of the Month”- but we are sure they will remember this on their own.

We ask that you will help us practice our “Open Door Policy” by becoming active members of CMC. You can join our Parent Committee starting in October, try out some of our cool adult classes; and always feel comfortable talking with Miss Hayley about anything!
Parents and families can contact Miss Hayley at