WE <3 our CMC Families - parent Testimonials

They say the happiest place on earth is Disney, but that's not true! It's CMC!! :)
Lynn, Dan and Elizabeth Clapper

My two daughters have been students at CMC since the day the studio opened it's doors 5 years ago. Hayley, Claire, Roxanne and the rest of the staff have been a blessing in our lives. I am full of gratitude for what they have done for my children. Not only have my girls continued to astonish me with their dancing abilities and skills, but they have developed into kind, confident, and poised young ladies. At CMC, all children are welcomed and cherished. At a time when kids have so much pressure on social media, with peers, at school and to succeed, at CMC they can escape to a safe haven of encouragement and fun. The children are taught to accept and love themselves and their classmates. With constant positive reinforcement, there is an undeniable feeling of good energy in the air. While learning to become amazing dancers from incredibly talented teachers, kids are not pressured and encouraged to be the best they can be. I am brought to tears at every year end recital when I witness all my daughters have learned and the beauty they exude on stage. Finally, I know that when my girls walk through the doors at cmc, they are safe and comfortable. They are at their second home. I couldn't ask for anything more.
Nathalie Lacouture- mom of 2 CMCompany dancers

My son Alexander has been attending Creative Movement Center for over 4 years. The feeling of "home away from home" is strong for both of us. CMC has offered Lex a venue to express himself amongst peers who value his talent and teachers who help him grow as a dancer and a performer. Not only has he learned critical skills, but he has had the opportunity to be taught by incredibly talented instructors who not only push him to improve but teach with love and concern. CMC is a place where Lex knows he can go and be himself; appreciated for his uniqueness as well as his craft. We know that CMC is not only a part of his present-day life but his future as well - any skills to be learned for his dancing career will be taught at Creative Movement Center. We cannot say enough about the families, friends, instructors and of course, Miss Hayley. Northeast Ohio simply does not have a studio run by a more caring, professional, dedicated and tireless soul. We are so thrilled to have found CMC, a remarkable performance studio with people inside whom we hold dear.
Jennifer Speer

Creative Movement Center is an inspiring and healthy place for my children to be. Hayley and her staff are amazing with my 3 girls. My girls come home filled with messages of being true to oneself. Not only teaching proper techniques of dance but also hard work, self-respect, kindness and confidence. All this while having fun!
Debbie Pastore, A CMC Mom

I want to tell you what an incredible experience you, your staff and studio has provided for my family over the past  years.  My Hannah danced with you since the beginning and feels so lucky to back working for you as she goes to college. Thank you for making that a possibility and continuing your mentoring of, and friendship with her. 

I’m also excited that my daughter Lauren is be reconnected with you and CMC. Although not dancing anymore, she loves the environment and thoroughly enjoys working for you. The positive affirmation that the “CMC” atmosphere provides makes Lauren feel welcome and lucky to be a part of such a great thing.

Last, but not least, is Halle. As you know, dancing is her passion. Over the years Halle has had dance up to 6 days a week and multiple classes a day. I can honestly say, that no matter how tired or sore she may have been between school, dance and life- she never wanted to miss dance. She always gets a second wind and always comes home with a positive attitude. This is 100% attributed to the loving, caring, nurturing, esteem building environment that is, Creative Movement Center.

I am confident that their lives have been changed for the better because of their experiences. I also believe they will continue to seek out situations and settings that they feel with put them in the same light as CMC. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. 
Tom Ferry, Proud father of 3 CMC dancers 

My daughter Claire has been a part of the CMC family for over 2 years and I can't say enough about her wonderful experiences there. All of her teachers have been exceptional and the studio atmosphere positive and uplifting. I am so happy that we chose CMC!
Laura Sauer, dance mom of CMCompany dancer

CMC is a great place for everyone to learn and grow to become beautiful dancers. The experiences at the studio also help develop the confidence and positive self-esteem necessary for success in all aspects of life.
Shelley Hoffman, mom of a CMC alumni dancer


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