Our Philosophy Makes us Unique!

Instructors teach appropriate and challenging technique with discipline while providing a nurturing, non-competitive environment for all to thrive. 

Our expectations for all of our dancers are high. We take pride in our dancers’ abilities as much as their attitude towards each other and about themselves. We expect big things for our studio and believe CMC can be a place for all people to come and create.

At CMC, every student is part of the team. We encourage our dancers of all abilities and levels to work together to achieve individual and team goals, to cheer each other on, and to learn from one another. 

Our center is aimed to be a community center where people of all ages come to enjoy, create and experience joy through the creative arts. CMC continues to give back by staying involved in the city’s Chamber of Commerce, performing at local community centers and events, and by creating great leaders in and outside of the dance room.

From the moment you walk into CMC or talk to any CMC students, you will sense a feeling of family. Our dancers feel that CMC is their second home! CMC also encourages families to be an active part of their child’s dance education. We welcome parents to watch class through our viewing windows, chat with teachers about their child’s progress and to be a part of the positive spirit that is CMC !  

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