level 6 (ages 10+)
Mondays; 4:30-5:15 MG
level 7-8 (ages 12+)
Mondays; 8:45-9:30 CM
level 9 (placement required)
Wednesdays; 5:15-6:00pm RS
level 10 (placement required)
Thursdays; 8:45-9:30pm CM
Intermediate Contemporary BALLET
Thursdays; 8:45-9:15pm MG
Advanced Contemporary BALLET
Saturdays; 11:00-11:45am MG

Beginning Acro
Mondays; 6:45-7:15pm KW
Fridays; 4:45-5:15pm KW
Fridays; 6:30-7:00pm KW
Advanced/Beginning Acro
Mondays; 7:15-7:45pm KW
Fridays; 5:15-5:45pm KW
Intermediate/Advanced Acro
Fridays; 5:45-6:30pm KW

Beginning/Intermediate (grades 7-9)
Wednesdays; 6:00-6:45pm ST
Advanced Ballroom (grades 10-12)
Mondays; 6:30-7:15pm ST

Wednesdays; 8:30-9:00pm CM
Thursdays; 7:30-8:00pm CM

Intermediate Hip Hop (ages 9+)
Tuesdays; 7:00-7:45pm MG
Fridays; 5:45-6:30pm ST
Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop
(ages 11+)
Mondays; 7:45-8:30pm ST
Tuesdays; 7:45-8:30pm MG
Elite Hip Hop (placement required)
Tuesdays; 8:30-9:15pm MG

Lyrical level 6-7 (ages 11+)
Tuesdays; 4:30-5:15pm MG
Fridays; 6:30-7:15pm ST
Lyrical level 8 (placement required)
Wednesdays; 7:30-8:15pm RS
Lyrical level 9 (placement required)
Thursdays; 8:00-8:45pm HW
Lyrical level 10 (placement required)
Mondays; 8:45-9:30pm HW

Intermediate Pre-Teen/Teen
Thursdays; 4:00-4:45pm KN
Advanced Teen Tap
Tuesdays; 7:45-8:30pm KN

Intermediate (ages 12+)
Wednesdays; 4:30-5:15pm KN
Advanced (placement required)
Wednesdays; 8:30-9:30pm KN

placement required for all
Pre-pointe (ages 11+) no recital dance, no pointe shoes
Wednesdays; 7:00-7:30pm RS
Beginning/Intermediate (ages 12+)
Tuesdays; 5:15-5:45pm MG
Intermediate (ages 12+)
Mondays; 8:00-8:45pm MG
Advanced (ages 12+)
Saturdays; 12:45-1:30pm MG

If you are new to our studio,

After filling out the registration form,
please contact us to finish your enrollment

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